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Since 1982, our maritime law practice has been dedicated to representing injured passengers, crew members and their families for recovery of money damages for injuries and deaths related to accidents involving commercial vessels and recreational boats of all types.

We do not represent corporations, employers, insurance companies or hospitals. We only represent people who are victims of someone else’s negligence. Learn More »

The Jones Act

The Jones Act and maritime law casesThe Jones Act is a federal statute enacted in 1920, which established a negligence remedy against a seaman’s employer for the injury or death of a seaman. It's one of the very few circumstances in which an employee can sue his employer for the negligence of the employer or the employee’s co-workers, and not be limited to inadequate workers’ compensation laws. Learn More »

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maritime worker and seaman injury law Seaman Injury
tugboat and towboat injury cases Towboat Injury
boating injury and private vessel injury Private Vessel Injury
Cruise Line Passenger Injury

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