Don’t want to get hurt?

Statistically chances of suffering an injury exist.

Due to other’s negligence, or your own regardless of the reason one thing remains constant: the care required after you suffer such an untimely injury.
Gerald McGill’s firm has been providing services since 1982 – more than 30 Years – and needless to say we’ve successfully represented diverse cases involving personal injuries of individuals and their loves ones.

We pride ourselves in representing victims – the individual – of corporations, employers, hospitals as well as insurance companies.

As accomplished attorneys of Santa Rosa we’ve effectively provided assistance for maritime injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and unique injuries which may have occurred due to a defective product.

When facing trouble due to treatable, otherwise fatal injuries, we ensure that through our representation our clients recover enough money comparable to the incident.

In our concerted effort to ease your issue, we’ve also made the payment process easy. Plus, we accept all cases on a contingency basis, so all the charges are paid at the end of your case upon favorable judgement
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We’ll take exceptional care of you!