Maritime Injury Lawyer Miami

Maritime workers face countless hazards and various benefits and protections through Federal law including General Maritime Law, The Jones Act, Long shore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, Defense Base Act, Outer Continental Shelf Land’s Act are provided to these workers to protect their rights. However a general attorney might not be an expert in delivering results to attain justice for a maritime, offshore or dockside worker.

If you’re in Miami, our Maritime Attorney in Miami can help protect and fight for your rights with the use of maritime worker protection acts and laws. Our maritime attorney in Miami is well versed with all these laws to take care of your case. If you have undergone an accident while on duty, a Maritime Accident Lawyer can present your case with utmost care, knowledge and expertise. Our team of Maritime Lawyers in Florida is not only specialized in maritime injury, accident and death cases, they are highly committed to protect the rights and benefits of the workers who are highly vulnerable to perils and dangers while at work.

No matter what the intensity of injury is, our Miami Maritime Injury Lawyer always goes an extra step in order to present the case in the best possible manner and ensures that the client gets justice for the injury he/she has received while delivering service to the employer. Because injury cannot be measured with a gauge, our Maritime Law Attorney help our clients estimating the worth of the case by keeping in consideration parameters such as medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning potential, loss of consortium, pain and suffering not just physical but also mental and emotional to calculate the estimated compensation for damages.

Not only this, our Maritime Injury Lawyer also considers punitive damages and wrongful death claim that can be filed by the survivors of the worker or laborer who lost their life due to someone’s delinquency or negligence.

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