The world is constantly evolving

AI is now taking over how we work; in due course the possibility is Mobile AI Accident Attorneys.

This is where we come in – Company Name ? – providing options for this next gen wave.
Did you know the first conference on law and artificial intelligence occurred during 1987 in Boston…long before the World Wide Web happened.

If Mobile Al lawyers become reality, the market could see various revolutionary models handle legal cases and share the preliminary information hassle-free.
According to a study by Jomati, Civilisation 2030: The Near Future for Law Firms, technology could race ahead with astonishing speed. So law must adapt to these anticipated future driven changes.

For instance, we may even see a courtroom outfitted with a virtual platform to present the entire case.
Because AI is artificial by design, the idea of a liability or a jury could hold no relevance!? Switching to AI for physical and audio recognition would require a complete technological overhaul – We should not enter a dystopian future where AI is the only stop-gap holding accountability to humans!
With new AI advancements upon us, the way we perform day to day activities is and will continue to undoubtedly change and evolve, but we concurrently must explore how and IF things could as a result become better for us, otherwise in parallel we need to create new and effective ways of making this method work for the legal system, to avoid troubles in the long run.